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ApostropheCMS was created to bring happiness and productivity to web developers and content editors.

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Node.js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.

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if you're wondering why should I use this system the simple answer is because you want to live in the future already today.

Ok but why ?!
There are thousands of content management systems and website building kits out there!

I know son... let me explain you!

With Fullpage CMS you get many functions that are only available as paid plugins on other platforms, if at all.
Mostly you have pretty much basic stuff and you will pay anyway to get a halfway extended side. I'm talking about serious business stuff like workflow and localization capabilities, Redis caching mechanism, elasticsearch or user signup here.

Here you pay nothing because it's open source and you can extent the already huge feature set with abostrophe's plugins as it is fully compatible to its architecture. So you literally build yourself an business progressive web app with real time JavaScript the language for the future!

You convinced me. I want that thing but it sounds like I need to be a good programmer to use your system.

Oh now Dude you literally just need to follow the dokumentation, and you are able to build youself an awesome progressive web app like this side here. On more you can find a selection of apostrophes modules and how to implement them

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F*cking Awesome

Fullpage CMS is open source and 100% JavaScript, both in the browser and the server! The asynchronous nature of Node.js gives you an incredible fast site. Add nice meta fields to all pages and pieces for SEO and Facebook Open Graph. Plus you get nested color settings design consistency. So you can either create a uniform layout or something completely crazy and individual. There are no limits to your imagination. And you don't even have to touch a line of code. This is the content management system for cyberpunks who are already living in the future!

more Download on Github
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